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Headway is a technological solution provider which was founded in 2020, working in technology and data industry. Headway aims to be a technological solution provider, focuses on education sector. Our core products and services include:

▸ EDUKITE Educational Ecosystem

▸ Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

▸ Business Intelligent

▸ Data Warehouse

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Founded In 2020

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Headway is a young, dynamic, enthusiastic and extremely creative team. Our team members are trained overseas, with many years of experience working for multi-national corporations. Headway aims to contribute to Vietnamese Education’s digital transformation.


Headway aims to become one of the leading technology solution providers in the education sector.


Headway's mission is to bring the best technological solutions to schools and educational institutions, contribute to the digital transformation and modernization of the education sector.

Products And Services

The platform provides components and superior to significantly reduce your time and effort to create intelligent solutions and monitoring systems. Save up to 90% of product development time.

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